To better understand why I have chosen the name LUCAS for the musing energy and the play currently in development at the Absolute Theater, I need to give you some background information on how “characters” get their names in the SENSETORM proposal.

Back since the beginnings of SENSETORM, the “characters” - although I prefer to call the “placeholders” for the future actor’s name - were numbers: The First, The Second and The Third.

When casting SENSETORM, the first play … I received an overwhelming number of actors applying for “The First” … for what I can only assume was the connotation of perhaps “lead character” in “the first” since all the characters’ descriptions were practically the same.

This of course, defeated the purpose of using numbers instead of names which maybe would have been a better choice since names not usually carry “billing” connotations but, I find names to be more “defining” than numbers making it more difficult for actors not to “identify” with what is not yet a character in the play.

As introduced for the first time in TRIPTYCH, the SENSETORM realm comprise the three planes of existence and the plays represent the actors’ transcending journey through these three planes. The “placeholders” - The First and The Second - go to take the name of the actors playing them on the first plane to later “transcend” through the play to become their “Transcended Characters” - which the actors are asked to identify and name at the beginning of the process. The Third is already a Transcended Character and the only “character” who moves freely between the three planes so, he remains “The Third”.

For the Montreal Fringe Festival’s performance of TRIPTYCH, I ended up playing a combination of The Third and The Second so, like any other actor, I had to choose a name for my “Transcended Character” so I chose what I thought at that time was my character’s name but, maybe because I have changed or maybe because I now have a better understanding of my transcended self … it is clear to me that my Transcended Character’s name should have been LUCAS.

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Guido Luciani

Sensory-Somatic Artist