Letting things happen rather than making them happen is a challenge that most actors have to face. In the Absolute Theater we follow the impulse and rely on our Sensory-Somatic System to lead the way.

Children are much more connected with their instincts and impulses than we adults are so, I frequently use a child’s behavior to illustrate these exercises. Children who are still innocent - in the Absolute Theater’s sense of the word - are also more honest so they won’t interrupt the flow of the impulse just because they feel they would be hurting someone’s feelings or because it is expected of them to do so. In order to let things happen, like children, we must follow the impulse as far as it will take us without responding to any rational intervention that might come up.

Place a child in a room full of toys … stimuli … he would pick one and play with it until something else catches his eyes, ears. The minute he receives the impulse, he follows it and moves to the second toy, then the third and so on. There is no rational intervention but a pure and simple impulse that he follows for as long as the impulse last before another impulse comes along.

The Role of Sensory-Somatic Stimuli in Devising a Play.


Guido Luciani

Sensory-Somatic Artist