Back to basics in theater means to recover its primitive roots in rites and rituals, taking back the powerful ability to connect with the collective unconscious inherited in these ceremonial arts.

Although the ritual has been present in the Absolute Theater’s language since its beginnings, it was in TRIPTYCH that we first explored with this format and introduced the idea of “deconstruction of symbols” in front of an audience.

In the SENSETORM plays, the symbols, totems, amulets - artifacts which will be later used by the actors in the play - are first presented to the audience during The Bare Character ritual. Like the actors, they also go through the process of delayering and deconstruction so the actors using them, can later “propose” a meaning for them including the audience in the process.

Just like some actors find it more difficult to achieve The Bare Character state than others, depending on how strong the preconceived meaning of a symbol the audience has of a particular artifact, some symbols are more difficult to deconstruct. I’ve found that the more commonly known a symbol is, the harder it is for us to assign a meaning different to the one fixed in the audience’s mind.


Guido Luciani

Sensory-Somatic Artist