From working and coaching actors for many years, I have found fear to be the most common and debilitating limitation among us artists.

In the ABSOLUTE THEATER, actors are encouraged to identify their limitations as the process of transcending them during the creating process and on stage is the ultimate goal of the Absolute Theater.

We have been able to identify several levels of limitations. Some limitations are causes of greater or higher level limitations. There are also symptoms that we often confuse with the top level limitations. There is no doubt in my mind that fear is king in the limitations sphere.

Fear is also instinctive and primordial so it is a part of both our conscious and unconscious selves, but … there is a way to transcend fear through the sensory-somatic work and that’s by recovering our inherited innocence, that part of our-selves that came before fear.

LUCAS is that innocent energy. He is the muse, the empowering source and the guide of my transcendence from fear and other limitations.

How to identify fear lodged in your body.
My encounter with fear during a Rasaboxes workshop.


Guido Luciani

Sensory-Somatic Artist