I've come to realize that in my work, light goes far beyond aesthetics. Light creates a relationship between subject and space, a conspiracy with me as its creator and the universe which we all share. - Guido Luciani



Throughout history, artists have been known as free thinkers, revolutionaries, pioneers, liberals, rebels and dissidents against conformism and establishment.

Artists are the trailblazers of society.   They expose the world.  They enlighten us with their vision.  They enrich our lives with their dreams.  They elevate our souls with their work.  They encourage us to dream and to re-invent our lives.  These are the five “E” of art, which by conscious choice or just nature, bestow the artists a place in our lives and in our society.

Artists cannot ignore their innate role in social change and development.  They must choose how to use or misuse this power.  They must decide whether to take stand and liberate their souls, or imprison themselves behind the bars of conformism and become eunuchs of society.

It is in an artist nature to create.  A true artist does not create to satisfy anyone but himself, but there will be no art galleries, no theaters if art was purely egotistical and artists did not seek to communicate with their fellowmen.  Love is often seen as the main subject and inspiration of art.  If we believe this to be true, shouldn’t art follow the same principles of love?  When we fall in love, we often want others to like the person we love.  We want their approval.  We want others to share our happiness.  But, do we really want them to tell us who to love and how to love?  The greatest loves in history have defied the approval and the restrains of others over the human heart.  Like love, true art cannot be restricted, silenced, tamed or castrated by social, economic and moral binds or any other forms of repression.


" He walked defiant under the tempestuous rain.  He seized the city sidewalks with his bare feet making his way through the urban flow of water.  Glorious, he stood out from the struggling crowd.  He was one with the earth.  His roots seeded deep down into the ground as is with every step he melted the asphalt and cement under his feet.  He walked triumphant with the powerful sensuous aura of a true earth child." - GL

Revisiting this quote, I thought it could be an inspiration for one of my Poems in Motion videos.   Although it shares the rain element with my current "Before it Rains" video, it goes further into the sensorial connection between the Earth Child and the elements.