“One must resort to a metaphorical language to say that the decisive factor in this process is humility, a spiritual predisposition: not to do something, but to refrain from doing something, otherwise the excess becomes impudence instead of sacrifice. This means that the actor must act in a state of tranceTrance, as I understand it, is the ability to concentrate in a particular theatrical way and can be attained with a minimum of good-will.”
- Jerzy Grotowski


The idea of acting while in a state of trance is a popular notion. Achieving this trance through the sensory-somatic system is an essential objective of the actor’s training in the Absolute Theater. I also experimented with the transmuting of this trance state between the audience and the performers in "Trancing” at Movement Research in New York City. What I was not aware of was, how creating under a trance is evident in my writing and other creative work besides theater.

I first discovered proof of “writing under a trance” many years back while going through boxes of my early work stored in my parent’s home. As I read the old “manuscripts” I felt so foreign to the words that I even wondered if it was me who had written them. If computers had been around at that time, I would have doubt the authorship of that work but having to decipher my own handwriting was all the copyright sign I needed.

During the past few weeks, going over my correspondence with actors, rehearsal notes, project development notes, etc. searching for material for this website … in trance writing becomes apparent again.

After training with my actors, I have mastered the process of reaching this state of trance before a performance, rehearsal, etc. I know the ropes, the switches I need to turn on or off to evoke a trance but, when it comes to in trance writing … I have yet to find the “triggers” and a method I could replicate at will. I have some clues which I will be exploring while working on this site.

Guido Luciani

Sensory-Somatic Artist