TERMS OF AGREEMENT REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICY If for any reason YOU should need to cancel, you are entitled to:

- FULL REFUND minus a small processing fee if you cancel before the first scheduled session.

- PARTIAL REFUND: the prorated balance minus a small processing fee, if you cancel up to 12 hours before the 3rd scheduled session for 5-session courses. For example:  If you cancel before the 3rd session of a $350.00 prepaid group session, you would be refunded for the remaining 6 hours prorated at $35.00 per hour minus $15 processing fee for a total refund of $195.00.

- NO REFUND if you cancel after 12 hours before the 3rd scheduled session.

If for any reason I needed to cancel the course or part of it, you are entitled to:

- FULL REFUND if I cancel the course before the first session.  The most common reason for this would be if the minimum number of participants (3) could not be met or someone out of three cancelled before the first session.

- PARTIAL REFUND: The prorated balance if I were to cancel anytime after the first session.  This is very rare and only would happen in case of illness or something beyond my power.


Especially in group sessions, all participants must follow these fiats or rules of engagement:





For more information about these guidelines and how they apply to you and each particular workshop, please read this.

Failure to comply with these guidelines might be ground for expulsion from group sessions and cancellation of one-on-one workshops.  Depending on the situation, participants will be reminded of these when they are breaking them but if the situation continues, the expulsion/cancellation without a refund will be unforced.


As part of the free Initial Assessment/Setup Session we will test and determine if, in normal circumstances, that is the setup at the time of this assessment session, your Internet connection is acceptable and sufficient to take this online course but, since we are dealing with an unpredictable media after all, these are a few possible scenarios and how we would go about them: - If YOUR Internet connection fails during a group class, I will do my best to schedule a MAKE-UP SESSION with you before the next group session.  Make-up sessions are one-on-one sessions and usually shorter than regular sessions and are design just to help you catch up with the group before the next session.

- If  YOUR Internet connection fails during a one-on-one session, we will re-schedule the session for whenever it works out for each other's schedule.

- If MY Internet connection fails during a group session, I will try to re-schedule the session as a group but if I could not get everyone at the same time, I will offer a one-on-one make-up session to those who can't make the re-scheduled group session.

- If MY internet connection fails during a one-on-one session, I will re-schedule the session at the day and time most convenient for you.