The actor’s body, and the actor’s rapport and awareness of his/her own body, are key inseparable factors in the development of the actor’s presence and vocal production; two of the most important tools available to the performing artist.

For an actor to effectively communicate, he or she not only needs to find and unleash his/hers creative energy source but also, free the paths in his/her body for this energy to radiate out into the world.

The source of this energy or, power source, according to most movement experts, resides in the upper thighs, pelvic, and torso areas, it’s partially rooted in sexual energy and, owes most of its passionate quality to it.  This passion empowers the actor’s performance and his/her presence.

The interaction of power and vulnerability sets up a magnetic field in the actor and creates the perception that the actor may explode at any moment.

Finding the source of this power and freeing the body for a full resonance of this energy are the main focus of Guido Luciani's Resonance™ Technique.