I'm currently offering LIVE ONLINE TRAINING: workshops specifically conceived for the online platform.  These are not pre-recorded videos but either ONE-ON-ONE or GROUP live sessions.  This method is ideal for MONOLOGUE COACHING, AUDITION TECHNIQUES (especially Skype auditions) and ACTING FOR THE CAMERA among others.  Please visit the PERFORMING ARTS LABS AND WORKSHOPS page for the description of the workshops and whether or not they are being offered ONLINE at this time.  In addition to these, I'll be FEATURING a different workshop from time to time.  Below is a description of the currently online FEATURED workshop.


This workshop is a combination of the in-studio-taught PERSONAL STATEMENT:  Audition Techniques and, RESONANCE I: Unlocking and Freeing The Power Source as described on the PERFORMING ARTS LABS AND WORKSHOPS page.
The actor's body, and the actor's rapport and awareness of his/her own body, are key inseparable factors in the development of the actor's presence and vocal production.  For an actor to effectively communicate, he or she not only needs to find and unleash his/hers creative energy source but also, free the paths for this energy to radiate out into the world.  Finding the source of this power and freeing the body for a full resonance of this energy are the main focus of this workshop designed with both the professional actor and the aspiring actor in mind.  The Resonance Technique™ is the backbone of Guido Luciani's acting coaching method.
Choosing the right monologue, finding a personal statement, becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and establishing immediate and future career goals, are just few of the subjects covered in this actor's survival skills workshop.


A SPACE TO WORK.  A private place where you can let go and express yourself without being interrupted.  You should at least have enough space to do the physical exercises in this workshop without feeling crowded.  We will determine the adequacy of your chosen place during the required Initial Assessment/Setup Session.
A COMPUTER with either Skype or FaceTime installed.  NOTE: For one-on-one sessions we will choose the platform that best works for you and I but, for group sessions, we all need to agree on either Skype or FaceTime.  We will do a test run during the required Initial Interview/Setup Session.
A RELIABLE INTERNET CONNECTION.  We will do a test run during the required Initial Assessment/Setup Session.


GROUP SESSIONS meet once a week for 4 weeks. Four 2.30-hours sessions for a total of 10 hours of training. The group meets every week at the same day and time unless previously arranged otherwise by the group and I.  Next workshop date/time To-Be-Decided.
Important: a minimum enrollment of 3 artists is required for a group session to be scheduled.
ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS meet as previously arranged by the participant and I for a total of 10 hours of training.  The weekly meetings schedule is highly recommended but not required.  A week spacing between sessions has been proven to work well as far as completing assignments and pacing of the course go.


GROUP SESSIONS: $250.00 prepaid in full for the entire 10-hours workshop.
ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS: $375.00 if prepaid in full for the entire 10-hours workshop or,
$50.00 per hour if paid in per session installments.

NOTE: These are prices for the ONLINE FEATURED WORKSHOP only. Please see below for pricing on other online courses and private coaching.
GROUP SESSIONS fees are due in full before the first session unless prearranged with me otherwise.
ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS fees are due in full before the first session if opting for the prepaid price of $375 or, before each session if paid per hour.  Sessions need to be at least 1 hour and no longer than 3 hours in length and the $50 fee is per hour of training and not for the entire session.


ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS: $125.00 for 2 hours and 30 minutes Session.
$400.00 per 10 prepaid hours of coaching.
(Package Discount Code given at Assessment/Setup session)

DISCOUNTS available on some workshops for Acting Students and Members of Non-Profit Performing Arts Companies.


SCHEDULE your free required Initial Assessment/Setup Session by visiting my SCHEDULING PAGE. Please, pick your prefer day and time for this session and I will get back to you with either a CONFIRMATION of your appointment or with suggestions for an ALTERNATIVE SCHEDULE.
ATTEND your free required Initial Assessment/Setup Session.
READ AND AGREE to the TERMS OF AGREEMENT on the booking page before you pay.
PREPAY the workshop fees at my SECURE ONLINE BOOKING PAGE.
JOIN ME/US at our first scheduled session.


Schedule Appointment



I don't believe in rules during the creating process but, especially for group classes, following these guidelines or rules of engagement are necessary for the well-being of all participants.

NO HURTING yourself, others or the work space either physically or verbally

NO IMPOSING on yourself or on others either physically or verbally

NO JUDGEMENT of yourself or others

NO OBLIGATION to yourself or others

For both GROUP and ONE-ON-ONE workshops, the NO JUDGEMENT fiat is fundamental to the creative process. It is my belief that the enforcement of this guideline must start with me. I am merely a guide in your personal journey. I'm here to help you find or reconnect with your own artistic vision and not to IMPOSE my own views on you.