“SENSETORM” is a sensory-somatic mused exploration of the creative realm of personal awareness.  It is a multidisciplinary stage production kindled by the muse-artist relationship and the diverse facets of inspiration, physical and intellectual attraction, mutual dependency, ego duplicity and the metamorphosis of the creative souls.





TRIPTYCH is an Absolute Theater Production about rites and myths of LOVE, LUST and LONGING. Uninhibited portraits of beauty in voluntary captivity. "Triptych" is a theatrical proposal, an exploration of the creative realm of personal awareness and, part of the SENSETORM's creative statement. Before a man allows himself to relate to others and to the world around him, he must follow his own journey to transcendence; "Triptych" is an Absolute Theater representation of this journey.



LUCIANI'S ABSOLUTE THEATER production of “DEBAUCHERS” is a sensory-somatic theatrical exploration of art aroused by sexuality; a celebration of life without limits. An inspiring and uninhibited exhibition of portraits of real and fictional risk-taking-individuals who aroused by their lust for life, have transcended and lived their lives to their fullest by defying morality, good-and-evil, right-and-wrong or any other socially imposed limitation. This production is devised through a collaborative process between the actors and director, and reflects their own transcendence and struggles with labels related to gender, sexual orientation: gay, straight, bisexual, etc., predisposed concepts of love, relationships and imposed concepts of morality.