Luciani’s Absolute Theater’s “DEBAUCHERS” is a collective exhibition of uninhibited portraits and proposals aroused by the lust for life of those real and fictional risk-taking-individuals who have transcended by defying morality, good-and-evil, right-and-wrong or any other socially imposed limitation.

CASTING: Actors with previous experience in devised theater or comfortable working in a collaborative laboratory setting.  The following characters breakdown are only suggestions of the path you might want to follow and not characters that have already been developed or written.  Male actors of any ethnicity are welcome to apply.  You must be at least 21 years of age.  Foreign languages speaking actors living in the Los Angeles area are encouraged to apply.

CHARACTERS BREAKDOWN: ARTIST - An artist in any discipline.  Controversial, uncompromising and true to his unconventional vision. MUSE - A beauty who defies gender, age and physical appearance. GOD - A god.  Strong representative of the gift, virtue or power he symbolizes. MONSTER - A fallen god, an outcast or cursed creature. CRIMINAL - A serial killer or criminal who is beyond fear, remorse or even love. THINKER - A poet, a philosopher, a psychologist who has outcast himself because of his beliefs.

SCHEDULE: Rehearsals and training will start in March 2017 immediately after casting.  All performers will be required a minimum of 20 hours of training/rehearsals before they can perform.  The play might open in June for the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  If it doesn't become part of the Fringe, it will be presented independengly after the festival at a TBD venue in the Hollywood area.

UNION STATUS: Non-union actors preferred. PAYMENT: There will be some guaranteed per performance payment and when and if profits are made, they will be shared among all company members. Performers will receive free sensory-somatic theater training.

If interested in auditioning, please submit your headshot, resume and a short cover letter to: