The devised sensory-somatic creative process of the ABSOLUTE THEATER is empowered by the creative energy of each unique individual involved. In PHOTOGRAPHY, more than models or subjects, the people I photograph are the source of inspiration and willing collaborators during the creative process.   YOU are both the PURPOSE and the AROUSAL of my work.  YOU are both the DISCIPLE and the MENTOR in not only your own journey to enlightenment but in my transcendence process as well.


Inspired by his visionary model of the “Resonant Artist”™,   GUIDO LUCIANI  is looking forever to set free the potential within himself and other artists who have crossed his path through several countries and artistic communities.

A "Resonant Artist"™ strives to liberate the creative energy from the binds of formalism and sociocultural restrains in order to help artists find their way back to the intimate unaffected power source of art: passion.

A “Resonant Artist”™ has a vision to expose, a dream of promoting change and reinventing lives, a limitless raw passion, and a relentless need to create.

A “Resonant Artist”™ knows no limits, takes challenges, defies convention and stands for freedom of the soul.